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Back to school.

15 Jun

It’s been a crazy week, I’ve had little time to myself or blogging.


Mister Man has decided to go back to school, so it’s been a crazy week of planning and scambling for paperwork.  He is a veteran of Iraq so we have to go to Veteran Affairs and get all that sorted.  It’s incredibly exciting for me, he will finally have regular hours instead of graveyard shift!  He will be working towards something and hopefully be in better spirits.  He won’t start until spring semester, so until then we are saving up as much as possible and picking up extra shifts or working overtime.  It’s going to be tough, but I’m excited!



9 Jun

I accidentally bought a car last night.

About six months ago, my mother proposed a deal to me. My ’95 Thunderbird (AKA the Granny Wagon) had a lot of mileage on it, and gets about 20 miles per gallon. My mother was looking at getting a new car that had more seating room in it, and decided to sell her nice little Hyundai that was only 5 years old or so. This was a plan set to happen towards the end of this year, or maybe next year. Yesterday the Granny Wagon’s engine light came on, which the coasjfkjsnfsdaaslkjlske (I don’t know car stuff) needed repair for $500, and there was about $1200 of other miscellaneous things that weren’t critical.

Needless to say, my parents now have a Kia Sorrento which is pretty sweet, and I now have a nice little Sonata. They sold it to me with family discount of a few thousand, and since I already had most of it saved up I’m not too put out. Also, I will save so much more on gas. Granny Wagon was only a two-door which was a pain in the ass, sometimes.

I love my parents, they are so rad.

Tonight, I’m making Southwestern Skillet Burgers. If they turn out pretty good I’ll take some pictures and post the recipe! YUM.

Saving for a house.

7 Jun

We are saving for a house, which started off cute and fun, but now the novelty is starting to wear off. I’m quite frugal with money already, so saving up has taken on a life of it’s own. I’m picking up a shift on Friday that involves a long and probably painful drive, but I will make a nice little sum to put towards our sad little fund. Living in California means high cost of living, and high housing prices. Even in this down economy saving for a house means putting away quite a bit of money. I’m excited though, looking on houses on is fun as long as I don’t look too far out of our price range! Together we have a pretty meager income, so we are trying to put away $200 a month while we focus on improving our careers. In addition to that, I have my car fund for a new (used) car, because my poor vehicle is starting to get quite old and unreliable. I haven’t done too much budget slashing, but we have found a few ways of cutting down on our costs. I bring a lunch to work that I make instead of buying frozen or premade food, and stopped getting Starbucks all the time and instead I brew coffee at home. Those have both helped my wallet, and my health!

What are you saving up for, and how?

A boy and his dog.

6 Jun

I’ve been working all day and then went to dinner/trivia afterwards so I haven’t had time to write a post yet. Picture post to make up for lack of writing!

I don’t know who loves it more.


Jalapeno pepper plant!

5 Jun

Jalapeno pepper plant!

Here is our jalapeno plant, there’s already some little buds starting!

My little backyard paradise.

3 Jun

I never really had much interest in gardening until this past winter.  I always saw gardening as time-consuming and dull. Why garden in the summer when you can go play in the pool and swim!  However, after reading a great book You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail, and numerous pins on Pinterest I decided I will give it a shot.  I live in an apartment so I don’t have a backyard of my own, I’ve got to rely on container gardening.


Yes, my photography skills are lacking.  Bear with me.  Nice broom and nasty half chewed bone dog toy sitting there, real classy.


So far I’ve got herbs (using the super cute Simple Garden kit!  Comes with oregano, basil, and cilantro.  Most of my cilantro died though, not from the kit but from my green fingers of death!)



My BEAUTIFUL begonias!  My mom helped me EXTENSIVELY with the flowers.  I’m a terrible beginner gardener, and need all the help I can get!


SOON TO COME:  Jalapeno plant!  Bossy Britches’ Boyfriend LOVES jalapenos, so I bought a plant that so we can get our own fresh peppers!  It is residing at my mom’s house at the moment, and I’m going over there later to transfer it to a pot to bring it home!





The deer that live in the woods by our complex. There’s two hiding in the photo 🙂



3 Jun