First post.

2 Jun

Having writer’s block is incredibly frustrating.  I am constantly searching on the internet, exploring, and learning new things.  Yet when my time comes to write, my mind goes blank and all I can think about is how I could just go on Pinterest for 20 more minutes and search for crafts that I will most likely never complete.  Hey, someday I might decide to make a super awesome Star Wars quilt, or make all these awesome things out of mason jars.  Maybe.  You might call me overly ambitious. I love projects and crafts and starting new awesome things, and then I totally lose focus.  Basically like this blog post.  My mind is basically like Fight Club, my thoughts are bouncing around beating the daylights out of one another and causing general mayhem.

I was just thinking about Brad Pitt all bloody and sweaty and shirtless in that basement.  I’m going to go get some ice cream to cool down.

Lord help us.


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