Small, amazing things.

2 Jun


One winter, in a small town in California, it snowed.   Although snow is just a thirty minute drive from where I live, the whole town was losing it’s mind.  No one knew how to get out of their driveway, schools were shut down, and it was breaking news on every local news station.  Reporters stood in several inches of snow, interviewing baffled residents.

The dog was not amused.

These pictures were taken the first day, after only a little bit of melting.  My whole town shut down due to maybe four inches of snow, that melted away fairly quickly.

Despite the chaos, everyone was thrilled.  Work and school were easily forgotten while people trekked to the local parks to sled down hills.  Other people’s dogs (not mine) were frolicking and munching at the snow.

To this day, it is still talked about.  “Do you remember the snow a few years back?” is like asking someone if they remember where they were when JFK was shot.   “Boy, it sure is cold.  Not as cold as the Snowy Day of 2009 though!  That was something!”   Something small and uneventful elsewhere brought a huge amount of joy and wonder to many different people.  That’s special.

Don’t let the small stuff cease to amazing you.


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