My little backyard paradise.

3 Jun

I never really had much interest in gardening until this past winter.  I always saw gardening as time-consuming and dull. Why garden in the summer when you can go play in the pool and swim!  However, after reading a great book You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail, and numerous pins on Pinterest I decided I will give it a shot.  I live in an apartment so I don’t have a backyard of my own, I’ve got to rely on container gardening.


Yes, my photography skills are lacking.  Bear with me.  Nice broom and nasty half chewed bone dog toy sitting there, real classy.


So far I’ve got herbs (using the super cute Simple Garden kit!  Comes with oregano, basil, and cilantro.  Most of my cilantro died though, not from the kit but from my green fingers of death!)



My BEAUTIFUL begonias!  My mom helped me EXTENSIVELY with the flowers.  I’m a terrible beginner gardener, and need all the help I can get!


SOON TO COME:  Jalapeno plant!  Bossy Britches’ Boyfriend LOVES jalapenos, so I bought a plant that so we can get our own fresh peppers!  It is residing at my mom’s house at the moment, and I’m going over there later to transfer it to a pot to bring it home!





The deer that live in the woods by our complex. There’s two hiding in the photo 🙂



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