Saving for a house.

7 Jun

We are saving for a house, which started off cute and fun, but now the novelty is starting to wear off. I’m quite frugal with money already, so saving up has taken on a life of it’s own. I’m picking up a shift on Friday that involves a long and probably painful drive, but I will make a nice little sum to put towards our sad little fund. Living in California means high cost of living, and high housing prices. Even in this down economy saving for a house means putting away quite a bit of money. I’m excited though, looking on houses on is fun as long as I don’t look too far out of our price range! Together we have a pretty meager income, so we are trying to put away $200 a month while we focus on improving our careers. In addition to that, I have my car fund for a new (used) car, because my poor vehicle is starting to get quite old and unreliable. I haven’t done too much budget slashing, but we have found a few ways of cutting down on our costs. I bring a lunch to work that I make instead of buying frozen or premade food, and stopped getting Starbucks all the time and instead I brew coffee at home. Those have both helped my wallet, and my health!

What are you saving up for, and how?


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