I’m going to beat procrastination…eventually sometime in the future…

2 Jul

The laundry is getting precariously stacked, and I’m pretty sure it’s been way too long since I cleaned the blinds.  I am too tired, cranky, hungry, etc. to get the task at hand accomplished.  It’s hard to work a customer service job as an introverted person, it drains every drop of energy out of me at the end of the day.  That’s no excuse though, I let it excuse my procrastination but I shouldn’t.  I will straighten myself out for a few weeks and try and get some things done around the house before I crash, after all it’s way easier to manage a household if you do little bits at a time.  I’ve been getting better and better, and maybe (hopefully) sometime soon I will kick this college mentality of procrastination.  I have so many things I want to work on to improve myself, it’s hard to keep track and follow them.  Exercise more, snack less, don’t wait for laundry to reach critical mass, stop pinning recipes on Pinterest without making them, spend less time on Pinterest, etc.


Baby steps.  I actually worked out every morning for over two months straight before I hit a plateau and got frustrated with myself.  That’s longer than all the times before that I bought a new sports bra and decided that it was time I had rock hard abs and a killer butt.   I resolved to walk at least a few days a week, unfortunately I got creeped out the first time walking through my apartment complex alone and then I never followed through with an alternate plan.


Dwelling on the negative doesn’t get you anywhere though.  “Should have, should have, should have” isn’t going to make me more motivated, instead it will just make me even more lazy and unmotivated.  Why bother? 


Some things I have done that I am crazy proud of myself with:

-Eating healthier.  It’s a work in progress, but I cut out frozen lunch items mostly and I pack my own lunch.  I try to make better purchases when buying food, not as much processed food and more fruits and veggies.  No more Pop-tarts in the morning, no matter how delicious the S’mores ones are.  Still definitely needs work, but so much better than I used to be!

-Starting a garden.  I never EVER would have even been interested in this last year, but I just suddenly decided I should try to grow some plants without killing them after a week.  So far the pepper plant is doing OKAY, had some bug issues but there are some little baby peppers starting to grow.  Tomato plant is flourishing, no tomatoes yet but the stalks are getting thick and healthy.  I killed my cilantro herbs, but the basil and oregano is doing good.  YAY.

Some things that have helped my procrastination a little are lists.  I don’t make good lists and tend to overwhelm myself, but I’m starting to break them up into daily, weekly, monthly.  Then I can take a step back and look at today, the rest of the week, and the rest of the month.   What are some methods that help you beat the procrastination bug?


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